Preventative Maintenance Program

Aksarben Roofing is committed to providing the best customer service to you.  Part of this commitment is continuously working to provide superior options for materials, excellent customer service and a quality preventative maintenance program.  Many times damage to your roofing can be recognized and repaired before it causes any issues.  Industry standards recommend at least 1 roof inspection per year to ensure that you are aware of all potential issues with your roof system. 

What is the true value of a preventative maintenance program for your roof?

1.  Shown to extend the life of your roof by up to 35%.

2.  Fulfill and catch roof warranty problems before the warranty expires.

3.  Prevent major problems such as block drains and gutters through regular inspections.

4.  Prevent downtime to production lines due to leaks.

5.  Avoid safety issues within your facility due to moisture.

6.  Helps to accurately budget for repairs and replacement.

7.  Keeps replacement costs lower by preventing unnecessary damage to existing insulation, decking, and structure.

8.  Maintain a historical log of all roofing repairs.

Aksarben Roofing can provide you a 1 year roof maintenance agreement with competitive labor rates and roof inspection included..  This is an excellent opportunity for commercial and industrial building owners to get information on their building while also securing a discounted rate for any potential issues which may happen during the next year.

Check out everything included in the roof inspection deal:

  • Written condition and evaluation report for your roof system.
  • Removal of small debris and trash from roof surface.
  • Drains and gutters will be evaluated for possible clogs from debris.
  • Locked in labor rate for the term of the maintenance agreement.
  • Written proposal for any work necessary as a result of inspection.
  • Your building will be placed on the priority response list for any leaks.

Extend the life of your roof system and lower your building maintenance costs today.  Give us a call to set up a customized preventative roof maintenance plan 402-422-0163.